The ABA offers station membership to Arizona broadcasters and associate membership (with its own unique benefits) to partner organizations around Arizona. Get signed up and learn more about our dues structure.

Tools that help all of us grow

A strong broadcast association is a key to elevating the caliber of operations in the entire marketplace. With tools for education, a strong political presence, and attention to the underserved members of our community, the ABA provides necessary tools for all of us to grow. The Hubbard organization and family is totally committed to this fine organization.

Tools that help all of us grow

Trip Reeb

Hubbard Radio

Strong community

The ABA united broadcasters in a joint effort to negotiate the successful renewal of a 20-year lease renewal with the South Mountain telecommunications site, and without the ABA’s support and guidance, there would have been a much different outcome. We will continue to be an active ABA members and we encourage everyone to do the same!

Strong community

Rich Howe


Return on investment

Every dollar counts and spending money that doesn't bring a return these days is just not done. Information, sales training and the legal hotline all bring a return to the station. Belonging to ABA is important, because it's an organization that impacts decisions that directly affect the radio business and is critical these days for future growth.

Return on investment

Mike Barna

KSWG-FM Wickenburg

Station membership gives you access to:

ABA Legal Safety Net

The ABA reserves budget dollars each year to help fund legal issues affecting multiple member stations and broader broadcasting issues in our state. Think of this fund as a safety net against unplanned legal costs that is made available only to member stations in Arizona.

Free FCC Legal Hotline

Because every dollar counts, member stations have access to our Washington DC counsel to help answer any FCC legal question at no charge. Their expertise covers areas in advertising, EEO, filings, compliance and audits, and most questions can be answered within 24 hours.

Free On-Demand Training

No matter your size, we all see how quickly the world around us in changing. The ABA offers access to a comprehensive on-demand training in sales, marketing, management, HR, on-air, and the list goes on. Any of your employees can use this service at no cost to the station.

Ad Agency Advocacy

The ABA partners with Arizona’s advertising agencies to lobby for larger ad spend in broadcasting. We also make introductions for stations as needed and focus our attention on highlighting the distinct advantage broadcasters can bring to the growth of any business.

State Legislature Lobbying

The ABA funds the only lobbyist on behalf of Arizona broadcasters at the state legislature. Our lobbyist keeps a close eye on any legislation that may impact the future of your over-the-air signal and is made available for all member questions and concerns as needed.

South Mountain Protection

The ABA funds the legal costs and defense of the SMUA (South Mountain Usery Association) in Phoenix. This is the main tower facility for most FM radio and TV stations in the greater Phoenix area. Without this benefit, each station would face high legal fees to maintain their signal location.

First Amendment Coalition

The ABA underwrites the work of Arizona’s First Amendment Coalition. Member services from the organization include free legal defense of many first amendment court cases and a free hotline for basic questions about Arizona’s public records, open meeting law and public space questions.

Associate membership gives you access to:

Board Representation

We take our Associate Members’ input very seriously, so much so that associate members can sit on our board of directors. Even in the digital world of today, there’s no megaphone larger in Arizona than broadcasting. If you’ve got a passion to help shape the future of mass communication in Arizona, ABA membership creates a unique opportunity to be a vocal advocate and community leader in Arizona.

Evolutionary Inside Information

Broadcasters fund the largest (and in many cases only) newsrooms in Arizona. In most places outside our large cities, local radio stations act as the only amplifier of community information, emergencies and localism. You’ll gain access to our once-weekly analysis of the evolutionary trends and new technologies literally changing the face of Arizona mass media. Your financial support will also help protect the critical role broadcasters play in our communities.