Public Education Program

We prioritize strong partnerships with government agencies and nonprofit groups in Arizona.

Partnerships can come in many forms. We’re always available as a media resource and as a brainstorming partner for big initiatives that touch the Arizona public. We’re also proud to offer a one-of-its-kind PSA/advertising hybrid we call the Public Education Program (PEP). Here’s how it works:

Nearly every radio and TV station from around Arizona donates a small portion of their daily ad inventory to our Arizona Broadcasters Association. This allows us to partner with government agencies and non-profit organizations to offer deeply discounted access to advertising for messages that serve the public interest.

Our “PEP” campaigns air in traditional advertising blocks on nearly every commercial Arizona radio and TV station. That includes more than 120 stations. The messages air in all timeslots, with high frequency, and across diverse channels that touch different audiences. The goal is the maximize reach for public-serving messages.

PEP partners receive an average 75% discount compared to traditional ad costs. Our goal is to make it affordable for critical messaging that serves the public interest to get out to the widest possible audience. How wide is the reach? Our PEP campaigns reach an estimated 90% of Arizona’s 5.5 million-person population over age 18.

The PEP offering has been in existence since 1962, and is endorsed by governors, state agencies and the federal government. Currently, all 50 states have a Public Education Program supported by their state’s broadcasting association. In Arizona, all PEP proceeds support our non-profit Arizona Broadcasters Association.


Access to TV AND radio, providing the largest megaphone in Arizona

Statewide audience reach in all Arizona DMAs

Average advertising discount of 75%

Broad exposure across all dayparts to touch different audiences

Frequently Asked Questions

Which stations air PEP campaigns?

The ABA solicits member and non-member radio and television stations statewide to establish a certain level of voluntary participation in carrying these announcements (just as though the time was purchased by a “paid advertiser”). The campaigns run on a majority of TV and radio stations in the state with high frequency, and across diverse channels that touch different Arizona audiences. Currently, more than 120 stations participate.

How is the program valued from a dollar perspective?

The ABA works with our TV and radio partners to deliver average spot cost figures that demonstrate to our PEP partners the potential cash value of every message delivered during a campaign. This data ensures partners receive a minimum 4 to 1 ROI on their investment. Affidavits of performance are furnished to each partner monthly so they know which stations participate alongside the date and time that messages air.

What do PEP proceeds support?

In Arizona, all PEP proceeds support the non-profit Arizona Broadcasters Association, our state’s official trade association for broadcast TV and radio. Funds go only towards non-lobbying activity like broadcast scholarships at all three state universities, funding for paid internships and defense of local journalism/

How do I get involved?

If you are a government agency or non-profit interested in a PEP campaign, email or give us a call at 602-252-4833 and ask for Barbeth Shea Pinkney (ABA Development Director).