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New law means changes for some Arizona radio and TV political ads

As part of a flurry of end-of-term legislation, Arizona has passed a new law that affects political campaign contribution transparency.

Where do things stand with the federal government’s paid vaccine ad campaign?

The ABA has learned about two key updates on the federal government’s effort to buy TV and radio advertising that promotes COVID vaccinations.

Arizona TV and Radio leaders put broadcast issues in front of Arizona’s US Senators and Representatives

Earlier this month, members of the ABA Board met virtually with our Arizona delegation of U.S. Senators and Representatives.

ABA to release first-ever research study of Arizona media consumption habits

For the first time in its history, the ABA is releasing a detailed research study of Arizona media consumption habits.

Help us choose 2021 Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame, Newcomer awards

It’s time to nominate the most deserving Arizona broadcasters for two key ABA awards.

New ad category for Arizona broadcasters: Sports betting comes to our state

One of the more consequential bills for Arizona broadcasters has been signed into law by Governor Ducey.

ABA to seek legal clarity for marijuana advertising in Arizona

This will be an expensive effort, but we’re doing it with careful thought.

Biggest billing ad agencies in Arizona: See the ABA’s 2021 list

There are few things more important than knowing who to call when building new revenue.

Does your TV or radio station need to worry about COVID lawsuits?

Arizona recently passed a new law to help businesses combat COVID-19 litigation threats.

Live Event: How to navigate your radio station license renewal

Broadcast radio license renewal applications are due by June 1 in Arizona.

Return to work on the horizon at your station? ABA to give out final 3,000 free masks.

We are offering these masks to every Arizona broadcast group at NO COST

April 2021 Update: How the AZ legislature could affect broadcasting

It remains legislative season at the state Capitol and there are always implications for Arizona broadcasters.

What’s the deal with accepting CBD and marijuana digital advertising in Arizona?

While the ABA can’t serve as your legal counsel, we can offer up the best opinions available.

Arizona opens COVID-19 vaccinations to everyone over age 16

Vaccine registration is managed through the below URL and that portal is likely to be jammed with registration requests.

March Update: How the Arizona legislature could affect broadcasting

It’s legislative season at the state Capitol and there are always implications for Arizona broadcasters.

ABA cuts inspection program costs by 50% for 2021

One of the ABA’s most sought-offer services is our Arizona Broadcasters Inspection Program.

March Update: COVID-19 vaccine access for Arizona local media

Seven counties across Arizona have now moved into the vaccine phase that includes Arizona local media

Have a new AE? ABA opens up 3 more slots for one-on-one training

Once each quarter, the ABA offers member stations access to a FREE 7-week onboarding program with our partner P1 Learning.

Apply today! ABA to fund 10 more internships at member stations in 2021

Would you like the ABA to reimburse your station for a paid intern later this year?

FCC fines in December and January: What to make sure you avoid!

Each month, the ABA asks our Washington-based law firm partner to flag us on any FCC violations for broadcasters.

What 2021 means for Arizona broadcasters at the state legislature

Like everything in our society, the government of Arizona is trying to find a path forward amidst COVID-19 and incredible political partisanship.

Can Arizona employers require employees to get a COVID-19 vaccine?

The ABA’s Arizona general counsel law firm Gust Rosenfeld has reviewed the legal implications of requiring COVID-19 vaccinations.

Key focus areas in 2021: Where the ABA is putting resources this year

As we all work to find balance amid so many unique challenges, the ABA has prioritized EIGHT core services.

COVID-19 vaccine access for Arizona local media

The Arizona vaccine distribution process is broken up into multiple phases, and most Arizona counties haven’t yet moved into the phase that includes essential workers like local media.

Updated public media campaign launches to educate Arizona about hands free driving law

The law prohibits any kind of cellphone use while driving — including talking, texting, and scrolling social media — unless the device is in a hands-free mode.

Phoenix-area nurses take over radio air waves, plead for safe behaviors and vaccinations

Nurses from hospitals across the Valley will have their voices and stories broadcast by Phoenix-based radio groups representing more than 50 stations.

ABA opens up registration for first LIVE EVENTS of 2021

The ABA prioritizes education about our fast-changing media world. As we head into a new year, we’ve posted registration information about four virtual live events.

First call in 2021: More free FEMA masks available to AZ broadcasters

More FEMA-certified cotton masks are available for immediate distribution to any Arizona broadcast group that needs them.

2021 EAS schedule for Arizona broadcasters

The document is also posted in the “EAS” section on the ABA website.

2021 Forgivable loans for Arizona radio and TV

Arizona radio and TV stations eligible to receive new government financial support will finally be able to apply for access.

Arizona broadcasters, ASU join together in rare effort for youth suicide documentary on January 12

Dozens of TV stations from all across Arizona will join together for a rare effort in January.

KEY UPDATES: Major financial help coming for Arizona broadcasters

We’re starting to get a more clear picture of how Arizona radio and TV stations will benefit from the new COVID relief law.

What’s the deal with marijuana advertising in Arizona after Prop 207 passage?

Can Arizona broadcasters accept and air ads for both CBD and marijuana retailers while also maintaining compliance with FCC regulations?

Planning ahead for 2021 broadcast events

We all hope our world will find some normalcy next year, and want to make sure you are aware of some changes.

FCC fines in October and November 2020: What to make sure you avoid!

Each month, the ABA asks our Washington-based law firm partner to flag us on any FCC violations for broadcasters.

3 free spots left: One-On-One AE training starts January 11

If you have a new seller on your team, make sure they get the proper training needed

Is your station in EEO compliance? How to stay on track during COVID times

Because we are all living in a world of virtual work and financial hardship, the ABA is prioritizing several new ways to help Arizona broadcasters meet these obligations.

Your voice in building our future: ABA sets 2021 board of directors

The ABA has approved both a 2021 executive committee and new board members.

Last call for 2020: Free FEMA-certified masks for Arizona broadcasters

We are offering these masks to every Arizona broadcast group at NO COST.

“Proofing” 2020: Where the ABA has invested + what’s next for 2021

Our mission is to build our state’s local broadcast business stronger.

Major Update: ABA to offer reduced dues for 2021

When we issue 2021 dues paperwork after Thanksgiving, each of our 200 member stations will be offered a 25% reduction.

10 key ABA efforts for broadcasters and the Arizona election

Please use the below resources for last-minute planning and emergency needs.


As Arizona’s population continues to climb, so too does the ranking for our three TV markets


The below-linked presentation relies on the latest studies from broadcast tracking companies like Nielsen and comScore.