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ABA hires Development Director to launch Arizona Local News Foundation

Maintaining local news and community connection is arguably the most critical role of Arizona broadcasters.

2023 Arizona media study shows shifts in radio, TV, and digital consumption

Newly released data from the Arizona Broadcasters Association shows sizable shifts in how Arizona audiences consume media.

ABA launches new, free on-demand training platform for all Arizona broadcasters

The Ten-Minute Trainer Network is a FREE member service.

What broadcasters saw from DC and AZ government in 2022 + what’s ahead in 2023

There’s good reason to celebrate legislative wins from 2022 and also look ahead to even bigger opportunities.

Free to members: ABA to fund spring career fairs at ASU, UA, NAU

These in-person fairs are the central touchpoint to connect soon-to-graduate students with career opportunities.

Coming to the ABA in 2023: 7 core focus areas and record investment

We are planning a record-breaking $650,000 in investments to help protect and futureproof business.

2023 EAS schedule: Required tests for Arizona

All broadcast radio and TV stations are required to participate in monthly EAS tests.

ABA announces 2023 dues scale for membership

Our goal is to keep dues as low as possible.

ABA Announces 2023 Board of Directors

The ABA exists to be the shared voice of the Arizona broadcasting business, using the scale of more than 225 members to help build business.

Proofing 2022: Where the ABA has invested and what’s coming in 2023

The ABA exists to SUPPORT you. That means using dollars strategically and continually reinventing ourselves.

You’re invited: House of Broadcasting to host holiday concert

Our friends at Arizona’s House of Broadcasting are back with their 9th Annual Living Legends Holiday Concert.

ABA effort kills chance of new radio performance tax

Lobbying efforts to oppose the creation of a new radio performance tax have hit the required bench mark of support.

ABA funds lawsuit to defend First Amendment video access for Arizona journalisms

We believe this law takes things too far, criminalizing the act of journalism in many situations.

Plug into Arizona paid marketing campaign invests $250,000 in local radio and TV promotion

We’ve given away almost 10,000 TV antennas to Arizona consumers.

ABA to offer live simulcast for US Senate debates

Our goal is to use the collective reach of Arizona radio and TV to showcase local media as the most trusted source for local news.

Apply now for 2023! ABA to fund your internships with a $3,500 check

Every member station in Arizona is eligible to receive ABA intern funding once each calendar year.

Keeping your radio or TV station safe in Arizona

We continue to live in politically charged time where media finds itself right at the center of many debates.

Here we go again! ABA fighting radio and TV FCC rate hike proposals

Over the last several years, the ABA has joined with other state broadcasting associations to file official regulatory fee comments of complaint with the FCC.

Join us! ABA Future and Awards Lunch set for September 28

After a two-year hiatus, we’re thrilled to be bringing Arizona radio and TV professionals back together.

Action steps required! How to futureproof Arizona local radio in the car

The ABA’s 2022 consumer research makes clear the importance of radio stations investing in their digital dashboard.

The biggest billing ad agencies in Arizona: See the ABA’s 2022 list

There are few things more important than building new revenue.

Attention Journalists: ABA to offer renowned Poynter elections training

The ABA is partnering with Al Tompkins from the well-known Poynter Institute to lead a FREE training for broadcast journalists on July 8 with a simple goal.

Arizona election season is here. Are you ready as an Arizona broadcaster?

Political season is underway and that means both financial opportunity and legal risk if Arizona radio and TV stations don’t follow FCC rules.

Summer plans + progress: Arizona radio and TV digital marketing campaign

We’ve invested $100,000 to-date and have just signed a contract to double that investment by August for a total of $200,000.

What’s next for ABA’s fully-funded internships?

The ABA is awarding a record $125,000 worth of paid internships at radio and TV stations in Arizona this year.

Share the data! ABA releases 2022 research of Arizona media use

The ABA has released a treasure house of data about how Arizona consumers use media in 2022.

Is your station ready? Cybersecurity a real threat for broadcasters

As we shared with you last month, the US Government recently issued warnings to all American companies about looming cybersecurity threats.

ABA Offering: Political debates for AZ governor, US Senate

The ABA plans to offer each of you the opportunity to live simulcast general election debates in October for both Arizona Governor and US Senate.

Can you help boost our paid media campaign? Arizona radio and TV promotion is on a roll!

We’ve invested $50,000 to-date with a plan to grow that investment to $200,000.

ABA to debut 2022 research of Arizona media use

Earlier this year, we partnered with media research company SmithGeiger to interview consumers from all around the state.

ABA joins legal fight for Arizona media free speech

If this multi-million-dollar defamation claim is allowed to proceed, it could set a dangerous precedent.

What’s the impact of Arizona broadcasting on our state’s economy?

Arizona broadcasting drives our state’s economy, period. Just look at the 2021 data from Woods&Poole Economics.

Top DC issues for Arizona broadcasters in 2022

Each year, our Arizona Broadcasters Association meets with Arizona’s US Representatives and US Senators.

Fighting back against new forest service fees at AZ broadcast tower sites

Currently, the Forest Service proposes to add a $1,400 annual fee per communications facility.

Arizona Broadcasters Association launches ‘plug in to local’ campaign, partners to give away free TV antennas

We’re launching a major statewide campaign to promote the unique value of local radio and TV stations.

Sign up today: Registration open for 2022 ABA inspection program

One of the ABA’s most sought-offer services is our Arizona Broadcasters Inspection Program (ABIP).

2022 EAS schedule: Required monthly tests for Arizona

All broadcast radio and TV stations are required to participate in monthly EAS test.

ABA continues advocacy for marijuana advertising clarity in 2022

The ABA plans to continues its advocacy efforts this year for marijuana advertising access.

Election season in Arizona: LUR dates, new law, SOPs

It’s officially a political year in Arizona and that means unique opportunity for Arizona broadcasters .

Refresh my memory, what is this ABA organization again?

Once a year, we take a minute to make sure our entire memberships understands how the ABA operators.

ABA debuts 2022 virtual live event schedule

The ABA prioritizes education about our changing media world.

Supporting Arizona broadcasters in 2022: ABA prepares record-setting commitment

The ABA’s focus in 2022 will levy all of our resources into 6 key areas of focus.

Archived Live Event: Preparing Arizona broadcasters for 2022 politics

Are you up to date on all the FCC rules that govern your sale of political ads?

What will it mean for you? Big broadcast efforts afoot in DC right now

It’s shaping up to be a busy season that could affect Arizona broadcasters.

Have a new AE? ABA opens up 1-ON-1 training to start in January

As we get ready for a new year, the ABA can give your newest sellers the training they need for success.

New ABA effort coming in 2022: TV and radio political debate partnership

We want to give you early notice on a new ABA effort that we hope to make available in 2022.

ABA to expand marketing campaign investment for stations, grow investment level to $200,000

In January, the ABA will begin investing in a paid media campaign to target cord cutters and digital audiences.

How and when will we really use next-gen TV (ATSC 3.0)?

Earlier this month, we hosted a digital webinar with two TV leaders trying to help pioneer this space. 

FCC sets Dec 1 deadline for critical TV and radio filing

In the notice, the FCC says it intends to take enforcement actions against stations that fail to file timely, complete reports.

Sign up today! Applications open for 2022 ABA inspection program

The program is part of a unique partnership with the FCC that allows us to train stations on all FCC rules

Proofing 2021: Where the ABA has invested and what comes next!

The ABA exists to SUPPORT you. That means using dollars strategically and continually reinventing ourselves.

Need to determine advertiser credit worthiness? Credit group recruits more partners in Arizona

Determining the credit worthiness of advertisers and agencies is always a difficult gamble for TV and radio stations.  

UA Journalism School to build broadcast/podcast studio in Tucson

The space is the result of years of planning and a generous grant from Adelaida and Barry Severson.

FCC fines in Fall 2021: What to avoid and how to prevent them!

Each month, the ABA asks our Washington-based law firm partner to flag us on any FCC violations for broadcasters so they know what type of issues can create a problem.

Finding more sellers for Arizona TV and radio: UA effort + New ideas?

ne of the ABA focus areas in the months ahead is to help Arizona radio and TV stations identify more AEs.

Vote NOW: ABA proposes 2022 executive committee of board

We’re opening up voting to approve the 2022 executive committee of the ABA board.

ABA finds success in 2021 fight to lower FCC rates, wages new battle over EEO data

Arizona broadcasters are benefiting from a notable win with the FCC this month at the same time we are starting a new battle over EEO rules.

What does the 2022 election spending cycle look like in Arizona?

Our state is forecast to be one of the top 5 in total political ad expenditures.

ABA announces 3 inductees into 2021 Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Award is arguably the highest award an Arizona broadcaster can receive.

Apply now! ABA to dedicate $90,000 to funding station paid internships

Every member station in Arizona is eligible to receive ABA intern funding.

Have a new AE? ABA opens up fall 2021 one-on-one training

Once each quarter, we offer a FREE 7-week onboarding program for new AEs with our partner P1 Learning.

ABA Update: When can you start taking sports betting ads?

Many of you have already been able to start taking advertising dollars in promotion of this pending launch.

Sign up today! We’re adding 5 digital live events for Arizona newsrooms

The ABA prioritizes education about our fast-changing media world.

Get ready! ABA set to fund more paid internships at member stations

Would you like the ABA to reimburse your station for a paid intern at your operation in 2022?

ABA effort to bring marijuana ad clarity leads to official DC coalition

Out of our plans has come a “Safe Advertising Coalition” focused entirely on clarity to the conflicting marijuana rules.

FCC fines in 2021: What to avoid and how to prevent them

Each month, the ABA asks our Washington-based law firm partner to flag us on any FCC violations.

New EAS handbook released by FCC, national EAS test set for Aug 11

This new version must be posted in place of the prior version.

ABA leading new effort to stop federal radio tax

Our lobbying efforts in Congress have been 100% successful over the last decade thanks to strong support.