On-Air Personality – Morning Show

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On-Air Personality – Morning Show

The Hualapai Tribe Radio Station Department, KWLP 100.9 FM, (www.kwlpradio.com) is accepting proposals for a contract to provide part-time, on-air personality services. The contractor would be responsible to:

·       Host a morning country show from 7:00a.m. until 10:00a.m. Monday through Friday;

·       Implement all applicable F.C.C. and station requirements during on-air shift;

·       Perform a regular broadcast that is entertaining and informative;

·       Research, create, produce, announce consistent, entertaining, compelling and informative talk segments and introduce and comment on music;

·       Collaborate with other station staff to develop unique, branded content for the station;

·       Conduct occasional interviews for on-air broadcast;

·       May be responsible for operating broadcast control board and PA equipment in studio and at remotes and other events;

·       Regulate programming timing, operate syndicated and misc. scheduled programming, commercial breaks and other traffic as directed;

·       Protect station license by compliance with F.C.C. rules and regulations and comply with applicable station Department and Tribe policy and procedure;

·       Handle emergency announcements and live reads as directed if applicable;

·       Ensure promotions and contests ae executed properly;

·       Maintain required logs, if applicable;

·       Regularly engage listeners and promote show through station’s social media;

·       Communicate promptly with station Director and Operations staff regarding any equipment or supply needs;

·       Ensure all station promotions and contests are executed properly;

·       Monitor music and commercial logs during on-air shift as applicable;

·       Participate in regular voice checks and meetings with other station staff;

·       Occasionally make in-person appearances at remotes and community events to promote advertisers and the station and support the local community;

All tasks would be performed under the direction of the Station Department Director (general manager) and in collaboration with Operations staff. Many of the tasks may be performed remotely, via pre-recording and/or digital submission.

The person(s) submitting the proposal must have the demonstrated skills, experience and equipment (if applicable) necessary to complete the proposed services. Qualifications should include:

·       Previous radio or broadcast experience preferred;

·       Be able to demonstrate a personable and engaging on-air presence/personality via submission of resume’ tape/air check;

·       Be able to quickly become knowledgeable and proficient with SAM broadcast software;

·       Be proficient or be able to quickly become knowledge in Adobe audition production software and demonstrate;

·       Be able to demonstrate basic knowledge of applicable F.C.C. requirements and prohibitions;

·       Be able to demonstrate skill in broadcast board operation and/or digital recording, production and transmission of audio content;

·       Be able to demonstrate skills and comfort in engaging listeners on air and the public at events;

·       Be able to demonstrate computer literacy and both verbal and written communication skills;

·       Be able to demonstrate proficiency& understanding of social media platforms;

·       Be open to feedback and growing skills by participating in regular voice checks and related industry training;

The Proposal should include desired salary. Proposal should include any other reimbursements or consideration requested and anticipated.

Proposals will be evaluated based upon the proposer’s past experience and qualifications and cost effectiveness of the proposal.

The person (s) submitting the proposal may call to inquire regarding specifics.

The most qualified proponent will be contacted to enter negotiations. Related degree is preferred. Previous sales experience is required. The selected proponent will be an Independent Contractor and as such must abide by any applicable requirements of the Hualapai Tribe, including submitting a current and complete W-9.

In accordance to Ordinance 01-80 of the Hualapai Tribe, Indian Preference in Contracting & Employment is required related to this proposal. For information contact; Tribal Employment Rights Office at:  928-769-2216 X 108.

Proposals should be submitted in writing to Terri Hutchens, PO Box 353, Peach Springs, AZ 86434, emailed to terri.kwlp@gmail.com or delivered to the radio station at 480B Hualapai Way, Peach Springs, AZ   86434 on or before September 30, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.

For more information contact Terri Hutchens at (928) 769-1110.


To apply for this job email your details to terri.kwlp@gmail.com