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Website The Hualapai Tribe Health and Wellness Department

The Hualapai Tribe Health and Wellness Department, Radio Station Program, KWLP, is accepting proposals for a contract to provide radio engineering and field operator services, including providing the services described in the attached addendum A.

The person(s) submitting the proposal must have the skills, experience and equipment necessary to provide the necessary services regularly and on-call, as needed.

Perform all services in accordance with guidelines and requirements of the applicable Program, Department, Tribe and any applicable Federal agency regulations.

Coordinate closely with: the station’s General Manage and Operation’s Manager; the station’s contract Consulting Radio Engineer; the station’s internet stream technical consultant/ service provider;  utility service providers& pertinent other contract; assigned and pertinent Tribal Public Works Department staff and other radio station program staff, as needed
Perform some necessary inspection and maintenance services regularly as mutually agreed with the station General manager and otherwise, on-call as needed, either remotely or onsite at alternative and sometimes irregular hours.
Assist the Tribe radio station, KWLP and its staff with actual technical operations and maintenance of electronic broadcast equipment and structures of the FM station, KWLP, by doing the following:
·       Regularly inspect and calibrate the transmission system, required monitors, metering and control systems and make any necessary repairs or adjustments where needed to insure compliance, and make regular log entries as required by FCC rules;

·       Periodically and as needed, verify the station has operated as required by FCC rules or the station authorization;

·       Date and sign logs after review, initiate any necessary corrective action and advise station licensee, via station manager, of any condition which requires attention;

·       Monitor strength, clarity, and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals, and adjust equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts and converse with station personnel to determine audio levels and to ascertain that programs are airing;

·       Monitor and log transmitter readings;

·       Monitor strength, clarity, and reliability of incoming and outgoing signals, and adjust equipment as necessary to maintain quality broadcasts and oversee periodically and assist other station staff and volunteers who are doing so;

·       Assist regular station personnel if issues arise with audio levels and program delivery and transmission;

·       Report equipment problems, ensure that repairs are made, and make emergency repairs to equipment when necessary and possible;

·       Assist other station staff if issues arise regarding control of audio equipment and regulation of the volume and sound quality during radio broadcasts;

·       Align antennae with receiving dishes to obtain the clearest signal for transmission of broadcasts from field and other locations;

·       Assist other station staff and outside content sources to establish sources from which programming will be received, or through which programming will be transmitted;

·       Oversee and maintain E.A.S. equipment, test transmission and report logs and confer with station management and engineer consultant regarding the same;

·       Repair circuits, wiring, and soldering, using soldering irons and hand tools to install parts and adjust connections, if applicable;

·       Periodically test equipment functions such as signal strength and quality, transmission capacity, interference, and signal delay, using equipment such as oscilloscopes, circuit analyzers, frequency meters, and watt meters, if applicable;

·       Install, adjust, and repair stationary and mobile radio transmitting and receiving equipment and two-way radio communication systems, as needed;

·       Examine malfunctioning radio equipment to locate defects such as loose connections, broken wires, or burned-out components, using schematic diagrams and test equipment, report to station management and effect repairs and/or assist in securing repairs or replacements;

·       Remove and replace defective components and parts such as conductors, resistors, semiconductors, and integrated circuits, using soldering irons, wire cutters, and hand tools;

·       Calibrate and align components, using scales, gauges, and other measuring instruments;

·       Turn setscrews to adjust receivers for maximum sensitivity and transmitters for maximum output;

·       Test emergency transmitters to ensure their readiness for immediate use;

·       Mount equipment on transmission towers and in vehicles such as ships or ambulances;

·       Insert plugs into receptacles, and bolt or screw leads to terminals in order to connect equipment to power sources, using hand tools;

·       Oversee and make recommendations to regular station staff regarding the control of audio and broadcast equipment to regulate volume and sound quality during radio broadcasts;

·       Maintain equipment logs, as required by station management and the Federal Communications Commission, if applicable;

·       Install, adjust, and operate electronic equipment and related software necessary to transmit radio programming and coordinate with station manager and radio station technical assistant to ensure such is accomplished;

·       Perform repairs and routine maintenance of radio broadcast equipment at the tower, shack and station;

·       Notify station manager when major equipment repair or replacement is needed and assist with the same;

·       Monitor broadcasts to ensure programs conform with station, network or other applicable standards and regulations and make necessary adjustment or communication with station manager and radio station technical assistant to ensure adjustments are made;


Designate an alternative in times when unavailable to cover tasks due to illness, vacations or otherwise.
Provide independent verification and documentation of having the necessary education, experience and skills to provide the above-listed services, including but not limited to:
·                Broadcasting or related pertinent degrees or certifications.

·                Related experience.

·                Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, audio and recording equipment and devices, and knowledge of related computer software and hardware programming, sound transmission equipment, methods and application and demonstrated ability to implement required.

·                Knowledge of telecommunications systems transmission, broadcasting, switching, control and operation required.

·                Knowledge and experience with radio engineering science and technology preferred.

·                Provide references related to pertinent experience and other similar contracts.


The Proposal should include desired hourly wage/ and desired monthly retainer per industry standards, as well as indicate if and how hourly wages will be drawn against the retainer or not. Please identify whether travel time and labor performance rates will be different. Proposal should also include any other reimbursements or consideration requested and anticipated.

Proposals will be evaluated based upon the proposer’s past experience and qualifications and cost effectiveness of the proposal.

The person (s) submitting the proposal may call to inquire regarding specifics.

The most qualified proponent will be contacted to enter negotiations. The selected proponent will be an Independent Contractor, and as such must abide by any applicable requirements of the Hualapai Tribe, including submitting a current and complete W-9 and signing the Tribe’s Professional Services Contract.

In accordance to Ordinance 01-80 of the Hualapai Tribe, Indian Preference in Contracting & Employment is required on this project. For information contact; Tribal Employment Rights Office at:  928-769-2216 X 108 or Cell 929-864-8900.

Proposals should be submitted in writing to Terri Hutchens, PO Box 353, Peach Springs, AZ 86434 or via internet at or delivered to the radio station at 480B Hualapai Way, Peach Springs, AZ   86434 on or before December 10, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

For more information contact Terri Hutchens at (928) 769-1110.

To apply for this job email your details to