Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

The ABA has a unique partnership with the FCC that allows us to train TV and radio station staffs on FCC rules, have an ABA inspector audit all practices, and when passed, give stations a 3-year moratorium on most FCC inspections.

We call this service the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP). The program offers protection from routine inspections/fines, but not from the FCC responding to a complaint or other red flag situation.

The ABA covers a majority of the costs associated with conducting these inspections and trainings, but does ask stations to pay nominal commitment fees.

Once a station passes inspection, they receive an ABIP certificate, which last for lasts for three years. Should an FCC inspector come to your station for a routine inspection, they will see your certificate and should leave your station. ABIP is far and away the most popular ABA benefit.

ABIP Radio Station Inspection Fee

$250 - Reduced

  • Single AM/FM Station

ABIP TV Station Inspection Fee

$500 - Reduced

  • Television Station

Average FCC Fine without Inspection


  • Possible cost without ABIP

The ABIP Step-by-step Process

  • Print, review & complete the above ABIP Agreement
  • Return the completed, signed agreement & signed indemnification form(s) with the appropriate inspection fees (detailed in Exhibit B of the ABIP Agreement) to the ABA (email to info@azbroadcasters.org)
  • The ABA will then process your enrollment, sign the agreement and return a copy to the station with your confirmation and pre-inspection check-list(s)
  • The ABA then notifies the FCC and your 150-day grace period to be inspected begins
  • Your inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection date.
  • Once you pass inspection, the inspector notifies the ABA and the ABA then notifies the FCC and your 3-year moratorium from a routine FCC inspection begins from the date you passed.