Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program

The ABA has an FCC-trained inspector ready to educate TV and radio station staffs on all FCC rules, audit station practices and ensure stations are doing everything possible to avoid FCC infractions and fines.

We call this service the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) and offer up our inspector to stations for what is normally a 2-day visit. The ABA covers a majority of the costs associated with conducting these inspections and trainings, but does ask stations to pay nominal commitment fees.

ABIP Radio Station Inspection Fee

$100 per station

  • Single AM/FM Station

ABIP TV Station Inspection Fee

$100 per station

  • Television Station

Average FCC Fine without Inspection


  • Possible cost without ABIP

The ABIP Step-by-step Process

  • Print, review & complete the above ABIP Agreement
  • Return the completed, signed agreement & signed indemnification form(s) with the appropriate inspection fees (detailed in Exhibit B of the ABIP Agreement) to the ABA (email to info@azbroadcasters.org)
  • The ABA will then process your enrollment, sign the agreement and return a copy to the station with your confirmation and pre-inspection check-list(s)
  • The ABA then notifies the FCC and your 150-day grace period to be inspected begins
  • Your inspector will contact you to schedule an inspection date.
  • Once you pass inspection, the inspector notifies the ABA and the ABA then notifies the FCC and your 3-year moratorium from a routine FCC inspection begins from the date you passed.