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“Arizona Lotus Corp. has been a member of the Arizona Broadcasters Association for many years. During that time, we have utilized the ABA as a resource with its many services. Having the ABA as the advocate for our industry throughout the state and on a national level has always been a major benefit to all participating Arizona members.”

-- Ken Kwilosz

Arizona Lotus Corp.

“A strong broadcast association is a key to elevating the caliber of operations in the entire marketplace. With tools for education, a strong political presence, and attention to the underserved members of our community, the ABA provides necessary tools for all of us to grow. The Hubbard organization and family is totally committed to this fine organization.”

--Trip Reeb

Hubbard Broadcasting, Phoenix

“As a member of the Arizona Broadcasters Association’s we benefit from the large menu of services which provide added support and guidance for our Univision TV and Radio properties that facilitate our connection to community service.”

-- Roberto Yanez

Univision Radio & TV, Phoenix

“Every dollar counts and spending money that doesn’t bring a return these days is just not done.  A return is exactly why we belong to ABA.  Information, sales training thru P-1 Learning, the legal hotline all of which bring a return to the station.  Every month I learn of new opportunities that belonging to ABA can bring our station.  Belonging to ABA is important, because it’s an organization that impacts decisions that directly affect the radio business and is critical these days for future growth.”

--Mike Barna

KSWG-FM, Wickenburg/Phoenix

“ABC 15 is proud to continue our long-standing support of the ABA as it is an essential partner in light of the challenges facing the broadcast industry today. The ABA provides a strong and consistent voice at the state and national level educating political and civic leaders on issues crucial to broadcasters.”

 --Anita Helt

KNXV-TV / ABC 15, Phoenix

"I was in New York in broadcasting for 22 years and I can tell you that the ABA is every bit as good as the New York state broadcasters in every respect. Art Brooks has excellent far reaching connections and his staff is first rate. At a recent meeting in Phoenix he coordinated a private meeting with Gordon Smith of the NAB for a group of broadcasters, and I just attended a great Arizona Broadcasters Hall of Fame luncheon with a packed house which was very enjoyable and offered a great opportunity to mingle with other broadcasters. In addition to the great work the association does on our behalf in the political arena we have free access to a legal hotline, a very capable public file inspection consultant and a great P1 training program all of which enhance our bottom line. I would be hard pressed to think of any reason that any station would not want to be part of this great association.”

--Bill Shaw

KVOA-TV Communications, Inc., Tucson

"There are many benefits received from being a member of the ABA. KAZT-TV is pleased with the AZ AMBER Alert program affiliation, we utilized the ABIP program every 3-years, the on-demand sales training, and more importantly, the camaraderie with fellow broadcasters at events like the annual Hall of Fame luncheon and golf tournament. The ABA united radio and television broadcasters in a joint effort to negotiate the successful renewal of a 20-year lease renewal with the South Mountain telecommunications site, and without the ABA’s support and guidance, there would have been a much different outcome. KAZT-TV plans to continue to be an active and involved ABA member, and we encourage everyone to do the same!”

--Rich Howe

KAZT-TV, Prescott / Phoenix

"It is quite simple. Besides the obvious of the ABA being our industry association, looking out for and protecting our interests. We at Sierra H Broadcasting have a very practical reason for being a member. Our involvement enhances our bottom line! Through our membership, we have access to the free legal hotline, the FCC public file inspection program and the state-of-the-art, P1 training and development program. As a local, independent operator, these are luxuries that we typically would not be able to afford, and as an ABA member these and other services are included with our annual membership. Being an ABA member just makes good business sense. We are part of an organization that advocates for us, we save money and have access to tools that allow us to develop our team and our revenue. Our ABA membership defines the concept of “Win-Win” !”

--Michael Mallace

Sierra H Broadcasting, Scottsdale

"ABA gives us the tools we need as a small broadcast group to be successful. The Alternative FCC inspection gives us the peace of mind knowing that we are in compliance. I also have been very pleased with the sales training and the legal hot line. We would be foolish in this highly regulated industry not to be a member of ABA."

--Doug Martin

Good News Radio Broadcasting, Tucson

"As a member of the ABA, KPHO and KTVK knows we have top notch advocacy at the local, state and federal level and a partner in successfully navigating the maze of change in media.”

--Ed Munson

KPHO-TV, Phoenix

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