Arizona Broadcasters Association


Please submit your affidavits through your EDI provider AT THE END OF EACH MONTH.

ABA ID numbers: – 9917557 or TV17557 – 9915126 or RI15126 – 195048 Local – EMT12719

If your station does not use an EDI provider, please send an excel of all spots aired and email to

Your participation in the PEP/NCSA campaigns, and donation of quality airtime – MONDAY through SUNDAY 6:00 AM – 11:00 PM rotation, helps to secure the sponsor’s investment made to your trade association, which along with your membership dues are our financial back bone!

The PEP sponsor’s investment allows the ABA to provide the FREE on-demand training & webinars, FREE legal hotline, supports the 1st Amendment Coalition, the FCC Alternative Broadcast Inspection program and much more for our members!

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