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The Wrap – Nov 2 – Relaxed FCC guideline, automation growth and more

Thursday, November 01, 2018 3:03 PM | Anonymous

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NAB: Don't give up C-band spectrum, or risk fewer broadcasters with less content

The National Association of Broadcasters is asking the Federal Communications Commission to consider how making more C-band spectrum available might affect content such as news, live sports and entertainment. Read more

Demands to pull attack ads in the closing days of the election – what is a station to do?

With the rise in the number of attack ads in this last week before the election, stations are facing more and more demands from candidates who are being attacked. What do stations do when confronted with these claims? Read more

FCC Retires 80-Year-Old contract filing rule

For nearly 80 years, the FCC’s Rules have required broadcasters to file paper copies of various types of documents relating to the control and operation of their stations.Not anymore. Read more

Automated spot sales picking up speed

The business has reached a critical mass, according to some observers. But frictions remain to be ironed out — most notably handling makegoods automatically. Read more

As podcasting grows, ad buyers build revenue model

Much of the focus on podcasting during the past year has been on content, but the long-term prospects for how broadcasters succeed in this audio medium will likely depend on how it fits into radio’s revenue puzzle. Read more

Cordillera announces sale of KVOA-TV in Tucson to Quincy

Cordillera Communications, a leader in broadcast markets across the United States, announced today it will sell 15 of its 16 stations to The E.W. Scripps Company. It will sell its Tucson station to Quincy Media, Inc. Read more

Pai plans to remain FCC Chair for ‘foreseeable future’

Pai has a children’s TV rule revamp to vote on, net neutrality deregulation to defend in court, and a quadrennial media ownership rule review to launch before the end of the year. Read more

ComScore falls short of key accreditation

The Media Rating Council today said that comScore’s local and national television products “are not accredited at the present time.” The MRC said that comScore TV is redesigning the production system for its products. Read more

Tucson's Leon Clark new VP-GM of KGTV San Diego

Clark is currently VP-GM of Scripps’ KGUN and KWBA in Tucson. A southern California native, the new position will mark Clark’s return to San Diego, where he worked for CBS in the late 2000s. Read more

On TV station cap, nothing may be something

FCC Chairman Pai is a classic free-market deregulator. The fewer rules governing business the better he likes it. That’s why it makes some sense that he will do nothing regarding proposals to raise the FCC’s station ownership cap. Why should he? Read more

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