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The Wrap - 7/6/18 - Looking to the future of ATSC 3.0

Thursday, July 05, 2018 11:12 AM | Anonymous

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FCC's O'Rielly: Next Gen TV Future Is Now 

FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly warned broadcasters this week that if they snooze on ATSC 3.0 they could lose out to their online competitors. ATSC 3.0 is the advanced TV transmission standard the FCC is letting broadcasters roll out on a voluntary basis.

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What do the 2018 Murrow Award winners have in common?

With more than 100 documentaries, news series, digital projects, podcast episodes, news packages and more recognized this year, the 2018 National Murrow Award winners are fertile ground for new and seasoned journalists alike looking for examples of the best in the craft of broadcast and digital journalism.

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Mid-Year Update: What The Forecasters Are Saying

Broadcasters aren’t the only ones taking stock of 2018 at the mid-year point. So are the forecasters at the big advertising agencies, whose predictions marketers and media vendors rely on. The good news is most of them are now offering a rosier outlook for the year than what they presented earlier.

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3.0 Opportunities Abound In Cars, Highways

With ATSC 3.0, broadcasters expect to play a big role in delivering infotainment to autonomous cars, but there is another related emerging market where broadcasters may be able also play — “smart” highways designed to improve safety, relieve congestion and reduce greenhouse gases.

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