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The Wrap - 6/1/18 - 50% Ownership Cap?

Thursday, May 31, 2018 1:14 PM | Anonymous

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Hearst, Scripps Pitch 50% National Ownership Cap 

Some high-profile broadcast groups have been telling the FCC they would be OK with moving the 39% national ownership cap to 50% from 39%, rather than eliminating it altogether.

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FCC Taps The Brakes On Class C4 FM Proposal

The radio industry’s lack of consensus about whether a new Class C4 FM proposal would do more harm than good to the radio dial has the Federal Communication Commission hitting the pause button. The proposal has been in the hands of the commissioners since early February and it’s so far failed to secure the backing needed to bring the item to a vote to clear its path forward.

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“The Most Dangerous Job In America”

A year ago, the National Association of Broadcasters released a video explaining the implications of the channel repack that nearly 1,000 U.S. TV broadcasters are undergoing after the spectrum auctions. The video was designed to inform the public about a complex, dangerous project and how difficult it would be to complete within the 39 months provided by the FCC. In addition to the financial burdens, it emphasized the technical and logistical challenges faced by tower companies.

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BMI: Radio Is Not What It Once Was

There’s a court fight taking place between BMI and the Radio Music Licensing Committee over the rates your radio stations should be paying to the PRO, and it’s starting to get ugly. Currently, stations pay approximately 1.7% of their revenue. The RMLC wants that rate lowered and BMI wants the radio industry to pay more. Here’s what a BMI court filing made yesterday said about radio.

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Why Radio Wants to Pay BMI Less

One of the issues that has always hampered negotiations with PRO’s is knowing exactly how many artists and songwriters are part of which PRO. The issue of transparency. When Irving Azoff joined the PRO club, and began demanding money from radio stations, it made the issue more complicated. In the court filing BMI states that The RMLC wants to pay less to BMI because BMI’s market share is smaller than ASCAP’s. And BMI says that’s just not the case.

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