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What does the ABA do for YOU?

The Arizona Broadcasters Association is your partner to combat the challenges facing the broadcast industry today. We continue to work on your behalf to decrease costs and increase revenue. Here are some of the many services offered to YOU by the ABA:

FCC Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP):

Avoid the multi-dollar fine payments to settle an FCC violation. The ABA’s Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) protects member TV and radio stations from routine FCC inspection and fines. The ABIP program allows stations to volunteer for an authorized inspection at a highly discounted ABA rate ahead of any unannounced FCC inspection. When passed, the ABIP inspection provides you with a 3-year moratorium from any future routine FCC inspections. This can protect your expense budget in significant ways. LEARN MORE

Revenue Producing On-Demand Training:

Investing in your success, the ABA provides the latest on-demand digital training for your sales and leadership staff. We have teamed up with P1Learning to offer you hundreds of interactive courses, tests and written materials for Sales, Leadership/Management, Programming and HR/Administration. P1Learning also offers one-on-one training for your new sales hires. This service is FREE to ABA members. LEARN MORE

Building The Next Generation of Broadcasters:

The ABA proudly funds a long list of scholarships and workshops at Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University to ensure we are building a strong future for our business that includes a lengthy network of talent for your stations to use as a recruitment source.

EEO Compliance:

The ABA designs and hosts two annual career fairs for broadcasters to attend that can be used to both recruit talent and help achieve mandatory EEO compliance each calendar year. The ABA also serves as a recruiting source, posting job openings on our website and extending your recruiting efforts on our social media networks. LEARN MORE

Phoenix South Mountain Tower Legal Support:

The ABA funds the legal costs and defense of the SMUA (South Mountain Usery Association) in Phoenix. This is the main tower facility for all FM and TV radio stations in the greater Phoenix area. In 2018, many of these legal costs involved issues related to the TV re-pack. Without this partnership, each station would face added (and duplicate) legal fees in their budget.

Free Public Records/Open Meeting Hotline:

Hosted by our Washington DC counsel on retainer, we a FREE hotline to answer any FCC legal question at no charge to stations. This includes questions about advertising, EEO, filings, compliance and audits. 

Arizona-Focused Government Relations:

The ABA funds the costs of an Arizona lobbyist to advocate on behalf of Arizona broadcasters at the state legislature. This includes fighting against new tax law that may detriment broadcasters, protecting libel/open meeting law and shutting down (or supporting) legislation that may impact the future of our industry. LEARN MORE

Federal Government Relations:

The ABA supports the needs of Arizona broadcasters in Washington, DC by regularly meeting with members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation. When necessary, we also file FCC petitions for things like radio performance tax, TV spectrum & repacking challenges, and federal ad tax deductibility. LEARN MORE

Trade And Industry News:

We keep up with what’s happening in the broader broadcast industry so you don’t have to watch for every story. We pass along the key headlines you need to know about each week. LEARN MORE

Amber Alert Funding and Leadership:

The ABA funds the annual costs to maintain the Arizona AMBER Alert website and digital notification portal that broadcasters use to help protect our community. The ABA also acts as a chief advocate on behalf of Arizona’s TV and radio stations for how the AMBER Alert program evolves. LEARN MORE

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