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FCC Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)

The ABA Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) is an educational tool that allows TV & Radio to voluntarily be inspected by an authorized inspector, protecting you from an FCC routine inspection/fines (unless the FCC is responding to a complaint or other red flag situation).

ABIP Step-by-Step Process

  • First, print, review & complete the above ABIP Agreement
  • Return the completed, signed agreement & signed indemnification form(s) with the appropriate inspection fees (detailed in Exhibit B of the ABIP Agreement) to the ABA (email to
  • The ABA will then process your enrollment, sign the agreement and return a copy to the station with your confirmation and pre-inspection check-list(s)
  • The ABA then notifies the FCC and your 150-day grace period* to be inspected begins the date the agreement is executed
  • The ABA also informs the inspector of your enrollment, and the inspector will contact you and notify you when your station inspection date is scheduled
  • Once you pass inspection, the inspector notifies the ABA and the ABA then notifies the FCC and your 3-year moratorium from a routine FCC inspection begins from the date you passed.

Should an FCC inspector come to your station for a routine inspection, they will see your certificate and should leave your station.  The exception to this is if the FCC agent is at your station for a complaint or something other than a routine inspection.

  • 150-day grace period:  It does not typically take this long to be inspected from the date you enroll, but does cover you under the ABIP umbrella of protection while you are waiting to be scheduled.  Keep a copy of your executed ABIP agreement on hand as proof of your enrollment in the voluntary program.

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