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Arizona's Radio and TV stations gave big in 2017

Tuesday, March 20, 2018 10:24 AM | Anonymous

A Big thank you goes out to all our stations who once again participated in our localism survey! Our results show how Arizona‚Äôs broadcasters are incredibly committed to their local communities. 

In 2017, Arizona television and radio stations donated nearly $160,109,052 in airtime and fundraising efforts for their various communities, counties and the state. In 2017, the local radio and television stations serving the Grand Canyon State provided a total of 99,936 hours of LOCALLY-produced programming. That is equal to a $80,146,419 value in airtime.  

During the year of 2017, Arizona radio and television stations raised nearly $24,951,469 in funds for local charities through local events and fundraisers. Finally, Arizona television and radio stations aired a total of 551,006 Public Service Announcements (PSAs) during 2017, equaling 63,636 hours, with a value of $55,011,636. 

Check out our infographic to share with your station. You should all be very proud! 

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